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L.A.M.I.'s performance ensemble

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the Marimba Institute Live Band

The Marimba Institute's circle of builders, teachers, and musicians come together to play original music and the music of marimba traditions from around the world from the ancient to the modern. Any of our live performances are guaranteed to move the feet of young and old alike, from the educational to the entertaining.

Book the M.I.'s live band:

      Our educational show explores the music of the marimba directly from the cultures that create music on this beautiful instrument. The students experience infectious rhythms of the Caribbean, Central America and South Africa by learning to sing songs and clap rhythms throughout the show. Volunteers may come up and join in and play the instruments along with the band. The presentation is inter-cut with short stories about the cultures that created the music, providing context and enrichment, after which our builders share the process of creating a marimba.  They then teach students how knowledge of resonance and  the relationship between physics and sound, a piece of wood can be crafted into a tonal instrument by building a marimba bar in front of them with our mobile tuning station.  It's an enjoyable and educational show no matter your age or experience  that we look forward to sharing with you. 

M.I. Educational Show