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The multiple histories of the marimba

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The Marimba takes many forms across the world, and comes in a great

     variety of material ranging from wood and metal, to stone and glass.

       Marimbas have been played across Africa for thousands of years by some                       estimations. Marimbas are widely played across Central America as well and are

         the national instrument in Guatemala. The marimba and its relative have diverse                       ties in Indonesia and South-east Asia, where bamboo, stone, and bronze,                               among others are used to great orchestras of pitched percussion!

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        Our head builder, Scott Murphy will share, both about his

process and some of the knowledge that goes in to fabricating marimba tone bars from raw materials. 

Notes from our builders on tuning and resonance

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All about Resonators

                                                                         Coming Soon!

        Scott will share with us how to adjust your own instruments buzz, and some of the knowledge that goes into building a set of resonators for one of our marimbas.

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An overview of registers, ranges and repertoire 

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      Teaching Artist James Waterman speaks about the many different instruments in some of the marimba world and their relative ranges.  James will also share about some of their differences, their similarities, and a bit of some of the music commonly played on each.