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Hand-crafted Marimbas

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learn about the instrument and our contributions on our About Marimba page.       

      You can also view our prices and place an order for one of our available marimba designs in our Online Store.  Meet our builders, and read about our other woodshop services at our Southern California shop.

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   Our circle of builders and teachers, friends and musicians come together to play original music and the music of marimba traditions from around the world. Any of our live performances are guaranteed to move the feet of young and old alike, from the educational to the entertaining.

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               The Marimba Institute's Educational Show shares the history of the marimba through the music indigenous to regions around the world that express their culture using the marimba.  The students learn to sing, clap and even play along with Central American and African music. Our builders even make a marimba bar on-stage before your eyes using our mobile workshop. Covers California State Education Standards for both science and music.